OMG I just wrote a long msg explaining how Ive been a fan since Poetic Mathematics and saw u in Phx in 2000 at Acid Reign and it was real complementary and sincere and Im almost positive it didn't send. Anyway my 37th bday is on the 29th and Ive been trying 2 find The Search And Seizure for years now but no one I know has it anymore and I cant find it anywhere on the net. Is there any way u cld PLZ help me out and hook me up? My wife and I have been together 6yrs now and she's never even heard it! And Im pretty sure its my favorite out of all of them, tho there's like 6 that are really close. ANYWAY, thx for the dope music, the bass, and the positivity.

Zion-I responded on 03/21/2018

What up fam! It was a blast to read about your journey with my music. It very rewarding to hear that people are actually taking time out of their lives to tune in and vibe to the music. It's kind of wild to come to the realization that I don't have a Search & Seizure mixtape either?? Its crazy when I look back sometimes because in the moment it seems like no big deal..there's a huge box of tapes sitting in the corner of the room and we're trying to get rid of as many as possible. Then years go by and you realize how precious that documentation of your work was. It's crazy. I've kept most of the vinyl but I have seen that actual tape for a long time. Happy belated bday too homie! I hope you had a great time. Thank you for staying tune and for sharing your connection. We will be down there in Tucson for a special invite only party in April. Let me know if you want the info. Peace!

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